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Kiss My Curvy Assets offers a blunt approach for crushing body stigmas to help women embrace their badassery. This is not an average health and fitness book. It is witty, sassy, and humorous meets raw, empowering, tangible, results-driven coaching.

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Lori Mork is an expert in the field of health and wellness, mindset, body positivity, and helping women create sustainable fitness. She is a fierce and dynamic author, speaker, former fitness champion, reformed dieting-junkie, and kick-ass coach to thousands of women worldwide.

When she isn’t helping women crush their wellness goals or rock the shit out of their bodies, Lori spends her free time with her two children, her two dogs, and bottles of pinot grigio (#moderation).

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It's a common fad nowadays to enter these "fitness" competitions, which are ACTUALLY far from anything about being "fit.” These are more like "beauty pageants with muscle" and they don't have an actual "fitness" component. Unlike other "sports,” there is...

The Reality of the Unmatched Socks

As I wrapped up my workout this morning I got home and glanced down at my shoes – and noticed that throughout the whole workout (5:00am start time!) I was wearing mismatched socks. It got me thinking. Life is kind of like a bunch of mis-matched socks. ...

Being A Mom – And Being Real-Life Lean

Hey Moms!  Do you remember your life pre- children? When you did 1 – 1.5 hour workouts at the gym, maybe had time to even stay and socialize after?  Then you got pregnant and tried to keep up with workouts like a machine but were often sick and tired and...


Lori is an inspiration!! After having 3 kids I never thought I would achieve the body I wanted until I met Lori. She taught me the need for nutritional balance and fun exercise which I love to do. Lori is always there for encouragement. She picks you up on your down days and keeps you motivated at all times. I can’t say enough about the type of coach she is. She is encouraging, enlightening, empowering–I could go on and on. Lori gave me that boost and support I needed to get out of my rut and achieve the body I am truly happy with and the body confidence I was lacking. Lori started out as my coach and has become a friend and confidant. Lori you are the best!! ~ Frances

How do I sum up what an amazing coach Lori is in a few short paragraphs? It will be tough, but I will attempt to ‘tell the world’ how wonderful she truly is. Lori is the most motivating, inspirational and dedicated coach. She is knowledgeable, caring, understanding and a person who knows when to be tough and when to have a big heart. Lori has the ability to take me and my body further than I could have ever imagined. She is there to answer my countless questions and never considers me a bother. She is my voice of reason and I can…
My fitness journey has always been about health first, and aesthetics second–beauty from the inside out. I connected with Lori’s philosophy immediately. Through her programs I have been able to eat for life and go without expensive supplements, only relying on nourishing, healthy foods, never compromising my long term health and well-being. Lori has always been great at adapting my training and nutrition plans to my lifestyle, no matter the challenges this threw our way. She’s been a great coach, teacher, and support in the growth I have made these past couple of years. Even though there are lots of choices out there, I put my trust and my health with her without reservation. ~Devon
I am glad I found Lori and decided to work with her!…. I love that her nutrition plans are so balanced and lifestyle based that it makes it easy for me never to rebound and maintain a happy body for lifelong!… I can even maintain abs all year if I really want! Shocking right?! Live your life and be lean – a concept Lori has helped me achieve. Thank you for the confidence you have instilled in me and always rooting for me even when I feel like quitting! ~ Sonya
I have been with Lori since 2013 at the age of 38 years young. I have three busy kids I juggle and she prepared me in a slow and methodical way where my health and busy schedule was of the utmost importance. My nutrition was always fresh and without any processed foods or unnatural products. Lori always emphasized healthy and natural ways which protected my body from any future damage. No fads, crash diets or short term changes here. No starvation-just nutrition in a healthy and responsible way. I love her guidance and… ~ Eva
It used to take everything in me to get to the gym and enjoy it. I hated my gym routines and tedious boring cardio. I felt like I had no energy. I also had trouble achieving and maintaining my goals, muscle and energy levels. Shift work as a Nurse, twelve-hour shifts, especially night shifts, and having do overtime at times. I really had difficulty staying on track. When I started with Lori as my coach, she helped me with so much more than just ‘training’. Lori has become a great friend, and she supported and pushed me to stay healthy and told me what I needed to hear, especially during the… ~ Veronica
Contacting Lori to coach me has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only have we developed a great friendship but Lori has helped me to be more confident in myself. Self-confidence was something that I really struggled with before I met Lori. She really focuses on bringing you up and always wants the best for you. I love that the overall health of her clients is a top priority. I feel that each program that is designed is to work with you and your individual needs. Whether that be juggling… ~ Leah
Lori truly makes a difference in people’s lives. She’s such a good person and so internally strong. After a brutal fitness competition rebound with another coach, Lori helped me to find my way back to “normal” and being “real life lean”. We needed to heal my mind and get my head back on straight. We focus on lifestyle goals and it’s as if she is not just a coach, but also a counselor. I have learned from Lori that the body represents how the mind is functioning. We need to focus on… ~ Kristy
I first started training with Lori in early 2013, and we achieved all of my goals through balanced workouts, nutrition and her encouragement. I was never deprived of food, never overdoing the cardio or spending hours in the gym. I don’t think I could have done it any other way. Almost 5 years later I am still with Lori and we just had our first baby boy. We now have my even busier lifestyle to content with so we make it work for my current life. She is just as invested into my life goals as… ~ Joanna
This year is very important to me. This is the year where I decided to make fitness a priority. I had lost 30 lbs after giving birth to my son in 2004, but wanted to change body and do more. After six months with Lori as my coach, I went from 137 lbs to 114 lbs. Lori’s methods are easy to follow and made me feel so good. There is no starvation and it was easy and enjoyable. I want to thank Lori from bottom of my heard for holding my hand and guiding me through the whole process. It is so hard to find a good coach and I am so lucky to have found Lori. ~ Reena
I have had issues with binge eating my entire life. Kids, work, home, and family is enough to drive most people insane. It doesn’t help that I am a recovering ‘PEOPLE PLEASER’. Some people drink to cope my addition was FOOD. It didn’t even matter what I was eating if I had something in my mouth to took the pain away. In my late 20’s I was well over 200 pounds, I was at rock bottom, I hated myself. That’s when my first experience with cardio and fad diets came in, I lost 60 pounds starving myself with 1 hour… ~ Christine
Lori is amazing!! Her approach to fitness is refreshing, inspiring and it works! I have had a chance to work with a few different coaches in the past but now that I have found Lori, I will be a forever client. Lori is so supportive and gives you the tools to find your very best self. ~ Carla