As I wrapped up my workout this morning I got home and glanced down at my shoes – and noticed that throughout the whole workout (5:00am start time!) I was wearing mismatched socks.

It got me thinking.

Life is kind of like a bunch of mis-matched socks.  It’s not perfect.  We sometimes don’t even notice when things are not quite right.  Life is kind of like wearing one white and one grey sock. Sometimes we don’t seem to ‘match’ quite like everyone else seems to.  Those perfect social media fitness models doing workouts and filming them with full make up, the perfectly matching Lululemon outfits, matching shoes, and of course matching socks.  Seemingly perfect in every way, perhaps, but is that REAL LIFE?

For me I get up so early for the gym I don’t even look at myself in the mirror before I leave.  Sometimes I still have mak- up running down my face I forgot to wash off the night before.  Sometimes my tank tops are on inside out with the tag sticking out.  And many times my socks don’t match.

But that is life.  My life has many imperfections.  From the outside it may look like I have my shit together.  But it is a far cry.  I have children who listen to me about 30% of the time and who have meltdowns during the other 70%.  I myself have moments of breakdown where I just need a good cry.  I have bills and debt I don’t or can’t pay off.  I sometimes feel like I am ‘not enough’ in so many ways.

BUT — that is just life.

Someone asked me when I was going to start videoing my workouts… I laughed.  Do people really want to see me and my mismatched socks, my bed head hair, and, let’s just call it my ‘grumpy growl’ at 5:00am?? Well, I will eventually, but I won’t make it fake.  You will get the mismatched socks, you will get my bed head, and I will try to spare you my grumpy growl, but no promises.  I won’t be fake – not in the gym and not in my real life.

This is me – take it or leave it…. mismatched socks and all.  BE REAL and be REAL-LIFE LEAN.