In the past, women used to primarily stay home, but these days many women have successful careers, and some even run massive corporations.  Their schedules are packed being away from the home, commuting, travelling, and even working from dawn to dusk. So, how do they find their real-life lean?

My client (let’s call her Sue), runs one of the top tech companies in the US.  She works from 5:30am until sometimes 8:30 pm Monday to Friday.  She even commutes 40 minutes each way.  She sometimes is even in the office Saturdays or travelling to other company locations nationwide on Sundays.  She doesn’t have children or a spouse, but she is ‘married’ to her career and raising a company.  She is very happy, makes amazing money, and gets to travel the world doing what she loves.

However, she isn’t as happy with her physique, and some of her clothes don’t fit her anymore.  She would like to see her abs leaner, and fit into the jeans in the closet.  She has tried everything and never succeeded.  Workout plans and “challenges” she joined often required her to be in the gym 1-2 hours per day, and with a meal prep schedule that she just never adhered to.  She knows her own restrictions and that her work has to come first.  We have been working together for 8 months.  WE FOUND HER REAL-LIFE LEAN!  She fits into the jeans again (in fact she needed smaller ones), she has a six pack again, and she only works out 20-30 minutes a day on her lunch hour, 5 days per week (which she will whisper to you is only 3 because some days get away from her).

She watches her nutrition as much as she can, but she refuses to count macros and will never download an app on her phone because that time typing in endless foods she could have made her company another million dollars. So she eats whole foods that make her feel good and listens to her body cues.

She travels for work 200 days out of the year, so we make sure the hotels have some form of a workout room in them, and instead of ordering from a meal prep company when away she enjoys lunches with clients and coworkers and orders from real menus.  She has the tools to know how to order food – in real life!!!! She even fits in much needed glasses of Pinot Noir.

Her last email check in with me was the following:

“Wow Lori, I have to be honest, didn’t believe you when you said you had my back and knew my life was insane.  I didn’t think I could see such changes to my body with such little exercise and not feeling like I was deprived and hungry all the time.  For the first time in almost a decade I feel successful in terms of my fitness and I HAVE ABS AGAIN! I actually don’t even think about it anymore, I check in with you, you formulate my plan, and I just do it.  You helped me find my real-life lean!!”

Ah, yeah – that’s why I named the movement REAL-LIFE LEAN, because I meet my clients where they are at, in real life.  No more fake, phoney, empty promises or cookie-cutter programming that doesn’t work for each individual client.