Cougars, and bunnies, and tigers, oh my!…. lol

Remember when you were 20 years-old and you used to be able to eat whatever you wanted and not gain a pound and eat take out and drink and still have a six pack? Now you even think about a potato and you bloat and gain weight.  You keep working your ass off and yet it keeps growing bigger and not in the right way!  Your once tiny hourglass waist now has become some form of blob forming on your tummy.  What the heck is happening??!!  Your boobs are so sore the thought of your shirt material touching you makes you burst into tears! You want to cry most of the day for no reason, your energy is the shits, forget about sex drive ‘cause you would rather eat chocolate.  You haven’t slept a good night’s sleep in forever since you consistently wake up with soaked sheets and night sweats. Sometimes you just want to say F*CK IT! I’m done!  I give up!   What the heck is happening to me?

MENOPAUSE? But I’m only 35! Menopause used to start for many women in their 50’s, but then the medical industry decided to throw us a curve ball, called PERIMENOPAUSE.  It’s like the ‘Coming Attractions’ previews at the movies.  It’s the preview of what terrible stuff is to come when you hit the real thing of menopause in 10-15 years!  Like guess what, this is what you have to look forward to! A sneak peak of the Hell to come!

I remember having all of the above symptoms when I was 34 years old.  I was sitting in my doctor’s office, as she told me, “YOU ARE IN PERIMENOPAUSE”…. What the f*ck is that???? I am not an old lady.  Isn’t menopause something my grandma once mumbled to me about?

Well there must be an easy fix then, sign me up.  But this is real life people, THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL or CURE.  Trust me, we have many smart women in this world – we get shit done – if it could have been invented, it would have been.

So we try to find natural methods to help mask the symptoms or balance us out a little.  Get those hormones a little more in check.  So we change up our workouts to work with our bodies.  However, weight is packing on even though we are still working out hard in the gym.  We lower calories tons and yet keep gaining.

MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION – In menopause or peri and as we age, can we still be lean?? YES , but you have to steer clear of forcing the body. It responds better when you are nicer to it! Once hormones are more in check,  the body almost breathes a sigh of relief.  You find what works for you – and you accept the good days with the bad days. You might take more yoga classes. There might even be certain foods you avoid or add because of it.

Coaching clients going through the ‘M WORD’ is one of my favourites because as you age as a woman, you will have some stories to tell! You are mature and amazing!!! You have lived a life and still have more life to live.  And we aging women stick together – like sweat on the sheets at night during a hot flash! lol

Most of my clients are women in their PRIME between 35-65 who have found their REAL-LIFE LEAN.  They found that balance we speak of and find comfort in their own skin.

So next time you refer to a woman as a cougar you better watch out — cougars eat their prey in one bite! lol A little hot flash doesn’t get us down…. we roll with it and still come out amazing!! Cause we women stick together!

Take your excuses and find a way to customize your programming to meet you where you are at and still push closer to your goals. FIND YOUR REAL-LIFE LEAN!