Most Requested Topic:

Screw society’s ideals and learn to embrace your body!

Stop the madness of fad diets, extremes with harsh rebounds, impossible exercise regimens, and BREAK-OUT of the vicious cycle of body shaming.

In this POWERFUL and engaging talk you’ll learn to:

  • Take back control of your body ideals!
  • Empower, accept, and feel good in your body, ignoring all of the social media mind games!
  • Kick SELF-DEFEATING MENTAL BLOCKS, and master some kick-butt mindset strategies.
  • BUST THROUGH SOCIETY’S NORMS, fall in love with your ASSETS, and own every curve and inch of your body!
  • Walk away from the yo-yo dieting, empty promises, and impossible standards that are keeping you feeling like a failure and is sending you into negative spirals.
  • Learn how to tell the world to “KISS MY CURVY ASSETS!

Lori inspires her audiences to:

  • Focus on the INTERNAL MINDSET, so
  • that the EXTERNAL GOALS happen organically
  • Stop the madness of body insecurities and FEEL GOOD THEIR BODIES
  • Be REAL, embrace all their assets, and
  • OWN the way they want to look Dance like no one’s watching

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