As I scrolled through Instagram today and was blinded by every twenty year-old blond in North America in her bra tops, booty shorts, doing lunges, with spray tans, one girl’s message stood out to me loud but not clear.  Her headline read “NO EXCUSES!” The message was “No excuses for why you aren’t perfect and lean like me!”

As I thought about blocking or un-following her, I decided that I would instead approach and talk about the topic of NO EXCUSES, and call #BULLSHIT!

THERE ARE EXCUSES — PLENTY OF THEM, for why your fitness has suffered and been put on the back burner.

My first two excuses involve me being a MOM and their names are Brooklyn and Beckham. One demands rides and taxi driving her all over town, and the boy is a princess whom I have ‘helicopter raised’ so he can’t make his own sandwich or get his own fruit.

I have another excuse called BILLS, which means I need to work instead of hitting the gym sometimes.

I have another excuse called AGING. I am 42, and have been in peri-menopause since I was 34 so sometimes my hormones get all messed up and I gain weight or sometimes my energy isn’t the same as when I was 20.

I have this other excuse called “I DON’T CARE AS MUCH ABOUT A RIPPED LEAN SIX PACK AND SHREDDED GLUTES cause I realized it wasn’t my real life lean. I like wine. I enjoy it with friends.”

Then how is that 20 year-old blond girl lunging her heart out not correct about NO EXCUSES?

It means that although videoing herself in that video doing the lunge and being shredded might be real life for that 20 year-old, who through further digging and snooping I realized was single, without children, and her only job was to video herself on Instagram and hope for fame. That might be her real life lean, but for me and most of my clients, this is not the case. They need to find their REAL-LIFE LEAN. Everyone has their own circumstances and juggles in their real life.

Your real life also changes. What may work for you now in this present moment might not work as you birth a second baby, or change jobs. What may have been more time you have had in the past may change if you get divorced and are left with more bills or more tasks at hand to juggle on your own.


Who was the person to come up with the ideal body, the ideal version of lean? Who was the person to say that you should always put yourself first? Obviously not someone who has ever had children, or a high-powered job. Usually when you birth a child they consume your life and energy, but you signed up for it. They are little beings who can’t eat without you, can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t do anything without you, and sure they grow up eventually, but even as toddlers, children, and then teenagers, their demands on you still exist.

So the NO EXCUSES doesn’t apply in real life. Real life does have excuses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t roll with it and still find your lean and achieve the results you want. You just need more customization and programming that works for you – IN YOUR REAL LIFE!

I created THE REAL-LIFE LEAN MOVEMENT because I was sick of looking on social media and hearing people post about their 2nd workout of the day, or their pictures of their plain chicken and broccoli, or seeing picture after picture of girls who had cut their water, not had any real food for months and saying “Look like me – No excuses- Look like me.”

My excuse is that doesn’t work for me. I don’t want to live in the gym, I need to work to pay bills, and I have children who want me to eat the same foods as they do.

I am sick of measuring someone’s success in fitness by how ripped their abs are or how airbrushed they look. Maybe your real-life lean is a softer look – a curvier body. Take me for example — I will always have an ass – period. No amount of starvation or over-exercise will get rid of this. I am okay with it. I even have cellulite that now doesn’t seem to want to go away. I am older, but aging is a part of life. Sure I could cut out wine —- but the wine didn’t do anything wrong so I am not about to punish it! And being social with my girlfriends is more important to me than some social media status of being shredded all the time!!!

This is me – I found my real-life lean – 5 workouts per week, 1 yoga per week, and wine once (err….. twice lol) per week, not counting macros and just eating whole foods that I like and with tons of variety. Also, I am not stepping on a scale to define me. My workouts can’t be more than 50 minutes because I have shit to do, groceries to get, kids to take to school, and work to be done. THIS WORKS FOR ME!

To the 20 year-old with no children and a part-time job at the tanning salon: I beg of you to keep your comments to yourself -because you haven’t lived in my shoes, or my clients’ shoes. You are ‘doing you’ and I applaud you. It’s very brave to post pics of your bum on social media constantly, but it is not nice for you to tell others what their real-life lean should be. You are not our role model. WE ARE OUR OWN FUCKIN’ ROLE MODELS!!!!! And I am pretty damn proud of myself, and I’m proud of my clients for finding their REAL-LIFE LEAN!!!!!!

In a society that always wants to tell women they aren’t lean enough, aren’t a good enough mom, and just aren’t enough in general, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH …TIME TO FIND THAT REAL-LIFE LEAN that works for you!

I will expand more on EXCUSES and HOW TO STILL FIND THE PLAN THAT WORKS FOR YOU in my next blog.

Thanks for reading. Be you!! You don’t need excuses. Just do your thing and #REALLIFELEAN on anyone who tells you to try to be like them.