Kiss My Curvy Assets Online Group Coaching Program

Become a Certified Curves and Assets Ambassador


Launching Mid September

What you get:

  • 8 INTERACTIVE MODULES to transform your mindset and create a life-long, sustainable fitness and wellness plan
  • Once per week one-hour LIVE ZOOM group call, with weekly teaching of the module
  • Once per week Q and A with Lori answering questions on Facebook Group
  • Daily and Weekly Homework and Activities
  • Private Facebook Group – this group environment creates a supportive community, making lifelong connections with like-minded women
  • Lifestyle and Mindset Growth and Overhaul
  • Reprogramming from past physical and mental abuse from fads, extremes, and negative body shaming of oneself
  • Easy and Fun workout programming for at home, or the gym – fitting into your real life
  • Real-life Nutrition Protocols to sustain long-term with ease
  • Build a healthy relationship with food, and your body
  • Hormones and Internal Focus

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This course will help you to:

  • Focus on the internal mindset, so that external goals can happen organically.
  • Take back control of your body ideals.
  • EMPOWER, ACCEPT, and FEEL GOOD in your body – stopping the madness of body insecurities.
  • Kick self-defeating behaviors, mental blocks, and master some KICK-BUTT mindset strategies.
  • Bust through society’s norms, and OWN EVERY INCH AND CURVE on your body.
  • Finally walk away from yo-yo dieting, empty promises, harsh rebounds, and impossible standards that keep you feeling like a failure.
  • Celebrate your body, move how you want, nourish with nutritious food without restrictions, dig deep to create lasting change, and RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN and past programming insanity.
  • Learn how to tell the world, “KISS MY CURVY ASSETS!”


Weekly Course Modules

Week 1 – The Evolution of the Female Body, Stats, Fads, Extremes and Finding Your Story.

Week 2 – The Body Ideals Mind-screws from Society, Social Media and the Scale, and Finding your R.E.A.L. Body Image.

Week 3 – R.E.A.L Nutrition Protocols – Finding What Works for YOU!

Week 4 – Move Your ASSETS! – Finding Exercises on Your Own Terms with R.E.A.L. Programming.

Week 5 – Realistic Goal-setting- This is Long-term!

Week 6 – Reprogramming Your Mindset with Meditations, Mantras, and Motivation….and Don’t Forget Self-love and Acceptance.

Week 7 – Hormones, Adrenals, and Thyroid – OH MY!

Week 8 – SUSTAIN, MAINTAIN, and Own This Body and Mind LONG-TERM!

Program overview: 

This program is not a diet.

It is not a cookie-cutter set meal plan or extreme workouts.

This will be working from the inside out, first focusing on the internal mindset, and allowing the external results to happen organically.

This is a reprogramming of the mind, which in the end will change the body.  It will help you to find a sustainable eating plan, combined with exercise you want to do!

Say goodbye to programs that cause long-term damage, and let’s enhance those curves and assets, and own them for life!

By using R.E.A.L. nutrition, exercise, a body image movement, and self-love, it’s time to take back control of our body ideals and stop caring what anyone thinks of us.

Together, let’s work on the internal battles and demons, and quit beating ourselves up or punishing ourselves with harsh extremes.

Let’s find a way to self-empowerment and acceptance with self-love, amazing body image and confidence, and tell the world, “Kiss My Curvy Assets!”