I just had to write a blog about this amazing soul. My client Carla has been with me for 4.5 years now.

Carla came to me in 2013 right after competing in her first bikini competition under the guidance of another coach.  When I saw pictures of how she looked on stage I couldn’t catch my breath.  She was a skeleton.  On a naturally curvy frame, I saw a girl who was very broken with terrible prep methods that stripped her down inside and out.

When we prepped for her second competition we were determined to do it a better way.  We did very little cardio and had a flexible nutrition plan that worked with her life.  You see Carla is a very busy Entrepreneur.  She owns and operates a thriving dance studio with hundreds of young girls that look up to her as a role model.  She had to take on the competition prep this time a whole other way and be someone that showed them health and wellness and not extremes.

We did that second competition and didn’t place, but didn’t care because we did it by bringing her natural shape and curves to stage and she was HAPPY! When you get to stage through methods that work with the body and don’t harm them it is very liberating.

After the competition, she was on to bigger and better things.  Like having a baby!!! She was now a mom to a little girl… a girl who she also needed to be a role model for.

Now being a mom, she lost the time to fit in workouts, lost the body she once had and was striving to get it back.  It was so much more of a juggle, but together we worked out a plan that worked with this new life she had.  She was busier, so sometimes workouts needed to be taken outside to a park.

This year we decided to prep for a fun photo shoot instead of a competition, as well as a ‘Tough Mudder’ competition she entered with her Husband for fun.  So nice to get into best shape for yourself instead of a panel of judges.

We have been through a lot in 4.5 years.  Life has bumps, detours, and changes… so you adapt and change with it.

I put together this collage of pics of Carla to show her journey.  The top left pic was near death (photoshop covers up how frail she actually was).  The top right was fuller and healthier for her competition we prepped for together for.  Then a great pic from Tough Mudder with one of her biggest supporters.  And of course mama and little girl pic.

Not everyone is training purely for physique changes.  Some have had the great physique.. but prefer to not have it at all costs involved to get it.  They search for a different method in which to FEEL GOOD and then the exterior just comes organically.

Love you, Carla.  So many great things ahead!!!