Hey Moms!  Do you remember your life pre- children? When you did 1 – 1.5 hour workouts at the gym, maybe had time to even stay and socialize after?  Then you got pregnant and tried to keep up with workouts like a machine but were often sick and tired and growing a baby inside you.  You now had the excuse of missing a workout because you were growing a baby. That’s some hard work!

Then baby gets delivered, and your PLAN A is to get back to the gym right away because on social media your friend Kim’s friend Gina went back 1 day after she had her baby.. FYI she was lying! lol

Insert excuse #1 — emergency C-section… ouch — not planned – cause usually emergency ones mean it was life or death to get that baby out safely. So, on to PLAN B.

PLAN B – Really watch your nutrition since after C-section no workouts for at least 6-8 weeks.

Insert excuse #2 — A high-maintenance baby, a husband who  works far away, no family close by means momma and baby are on own.  Baby needs you to poop, to eat…Heck I even had one baby who wouldn’t sleep unless she was on top of me – literally. You could have a baby who nurses like a fat kid at a buffet for the first year of her life with your boob as her only source of food. So, it’s back to the drawing board. You’re only getting in shakes, maybe a granola bar, and you’re not even sure if you ate yesterday.

PLAN C  – Guess no option but to heal, recover and bond with the baby for the 6 weeks of healing time.  Then finally time to hit the gym with baby in tow, since the gym has childminding.  Ever been that woman who is just fresh into set #2 of your workout and you get tapped by the day care staff telling you to come and get your baby since they puked, pooped, or won’t stop crying cause they have separation anxiety?

Insert excuse #3 —a dirty, crying, tired, crazy baby that won’t let you go to the gym

PLAN D — home workouts now…. maybe grab some 5-10 lb weights, a band, ball, bodyweight exercises.  This actually is working now. It’s not the ideal, but weight is coming off and your body is beginning to resemble something that once might have had shape and abs.  You are really rolling now!!! UNITL!……

Insert excuse #4 — TEETHING, SICKNESS, VACCINATIONS.  The list can be endless array of hiccups that make you take detours from the perfect workouts. But eventually, the baby slowly gets into a routine, and you have a schedule.  You can keep changing plans to make sure it works for where you are at that moment.

Your body may be different now and that’s okay – you gave life to a human being.  You might have stretch marks, wider hips, and your mom tummy might not be as tight as it once was. But you have found your REAL LIFE-LEAN in this moment.

No excuses needed – this is real life! Real life isn’t the photo-shopped, touched up, and fake pics on social media.  Real life is rolling with the punches, embracing them, and finding yourself empowered because you juggle and make do and find something that works for you instead of always playing catch up or failing. Instead, you do what works for your life NOW!!